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Can I be on my cycle during these sessions?

Absolutely, if you're comfortable. I use non-latex gloves and a towel beneath you. Working during your cycle is fine – it often enhances the experience due to heightened internal awareness and intuition.

Do you wear gloves during the session?

I'll wear gloves for external or internal work, ensuring hygiene and cleanliness. When you're initially on the table, I won't wear gloves. A towel and pad are also provided under your buttocks for added hygiene.

Can I stop the session at any time if I feel I want to? 

Certainly. As we follow Embodied and Informed Consent principles (explained in the IPT section), I'll consistently seek your input. Your desires, bodily cues, heart, and mind guide our process. You're in charge.

Can it hurt or bring up stuff?

This process might evoke emotions, feelings, or sensations stored within you or your pelvis. In these instances, we breathe and let them surface. I'm experienced in holding space and trauma-informed, supporting you through these emotions. Similar to other muscles, certain points might be sensitive and uncomfortable. We stay there, breathe, and allow the fascia to soften, facilitating the release of what's needed. We never go 'looking' for stuff.

Can I do this work if I have had a (partial) hysterectomy or oophorectomy ?

Definitely. In fact, this work can greatly benefit you, especially if you have scar tissue. Many women share that they experience lingering pain even after surgery. IPT is particularly effective for addressing these concerns. And the Energetic Imprint and Wisdome is still present, so we can also work with this.

Do you accept insurance?

I'm sorry, I don't provide that. I wish I did. 

However, I do offer a discount of up to 35% for Single Mothers, and I also have Packages available.

What other offerings do you have? 

Please see the Tab "Other Services" and I create my own organic facial creams, Yoni Oil, and can arrange Yoni Steams for you.

Any other questions?

Please feel free to fill out the contact form or call me at 774-541-0778 for a 15 min free chat. If you fill out the form, you will also receive a $10 discount coupon for your intake! 

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