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Yoni Care Tips:

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A wonderful way to love, support, heal and connect  with yourself is by doing your own Yoni/Vagina Self Massages. When you have received a treatment from me, you will also be more capable of doing them yourself, plus I can give you a handout as well. I have created a rather extensive handout where I also added tips, suggestions and a more extensive explanation on how to do Self Massages.
Benefits of IPT® and Yoni Self Massages are: 
  • Deeper connection with yourself and very grounding and relaxing.
  • Learning about what you feel on a deeper more conscious level
  • Understanding the anatomy of your Yoni, Vagina, Pelvis
  • Bringing Consciousness to an area that you may not be so close with
  • Increasing Cellular blood flow by stretching the fascia and so also
  • Rejuvenating and toning of your Vaginal Muscles and again, relaxing and toning the Pelvis
  • Helping with trigger points that may be present
  • Releasing of (long) held emotions or patterns
  • Receiving Wisdom from your Pelvic Bowl
In summary:
It improves your overall pelvic muscular health, strength, and vitality, enabling these muscles to enhance their function as your core structural support. This can also increase your sensations and muscular tone in your vagina, as well as enhance sexual arousal and enjoyment
Yoni Self Care Tips:
  • Wear Cotton Underwear
  • Do not wash with soap or use Vaginal douches (except an apple cider vinegar blend is okay)
  • Shave in the direction of your hair growth
  • Apply organic oils/creams only, with no additives
  • If possible use organic cloth liners during your cycle
  • If you can insert a cup, I highly recommend de FemCycle Cup, As this one is round and has a loop to pull it out.
  • Here is the link: I have used this cup for many many years, anc swear by it. They come in different sizes. 
  • Yoni Steams are lovely too and very beneficial for tissue, healing, rejuvenation and relaxation. (See Yoni Steam Tab)
If you have some other questions about vulvar health, email me here
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