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What a IPT session may look like:

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Before we meet for our Session we first have an intake. This is a wonderful time to get to know each other, and to find out if there are any (medical) issues we need to take into consideration before we start this Journey together.


And then, upon arrival at my office, we'll take a moment to connect and assess how you're feeling. You'll then lie down on the table. If you're comfortable, I'll request you to remove your underwear, while you can keep your top, socks, and other clothing on.

Typically, in our first session, we don't work externally or internally right away. However, this might vary based on your comfort and body's response. The initial session marks the beginning of our journey together, allowing you to ground yourself in your body and your feminine experience. As mentioned at the IPT tab, we will also do a deep dive into your Pelvis, to begin the journey of reconnecting and healing. 

This process aims to deepen your sensations as I guide you into an embodied experience, fostering relaxation and a deeper inner connection.

Given that the pelvis often holds emotions, pain, trauma, and unresolved issues, I'll also direct our focus to your Pelvic Bowl, Womb, and Ovaries. These organs contain significant information and are essential for your overall well-being. (It's important to note that even if some organs have been physically removed, their emotional and energetic influence remains available.)

When you're ready, I'll ask if you'd like me to join you at the table. We'll wait until your body, heart, and mind signal a "Yes." This approach continues throughout the session, empowering you to be fully in charge of your experience.

We'll start by discussing the pelvic bone structure, gradually progressing to stretching and massaging the vulva. At each step, I'll check if you're comfortable, prepared, and when you'd like me to adjust my hands.

I'll consistently check in with you, observe your breath, and inquire about your feelings and any emerging sensations. Our focus is never to force, but to allow the body's wisdom to guide the process when it feels safe.

The session concludes by integrating generated energy throughout your body, and you can offer a personal blessing if desired. Wondering about sessions during your period? Yes, they are absolutely fine. Menstruation is a sensitive and intuitive phase that aligns well with IPT.

We move deliberately slowly—this is crucial for you, your body, and anything that seeks release.

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