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"After a session with Esther I feel so relaxed and incredibly connected with my body, breath and pelvic bowl. I was very surprised to experience that being able to connect with your reproductive organs can be so transforming and informatitive. It was quite touching to feel so much inside my own body and get the feeling of 'being home' again and feeling safe. Feeling Safe and at Home in my Own Body, I think that is what they mean with feeling grounded! Thank you for helping me experience this and being able to take this with me and so connect on my own as well. We were not taught this when growing up!"

~ Jess 

I am so extremely grateful for finding Esther and connecting with her! I was scared at first to take the leap, but I did and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. She is an incredible and knowledgeable healer. After just one session with her, I feel I've accomplished so many of my goals and have already booked a second session. This work is very vulnerable and Esther makes you feel safe and welcomed every step of the way."

~ Cathy


"Esther is an amazing IPT practioner and healer. Her approach reflects her experience in several healing techniques and spiritual teachings. She is kind and compassionate as well as committed to getting to the core of the issue (“the issue is in the tissue!”) I wish for all women to go through the experience of Integral Pelvic Therapy and so relate much deeper to the wisdom of their pelvis."


"Very recommendable, a beautiful healing for the  diivine feminine. Esther is a great IPT therapist."

~ Jaqueline

"Esther has helped me a great deal with reconnecting to my womb & heart space, allowing more flow and trust into my life. She is a true inspiration and 'walks her talk' - After joining her weekly yoga classes I find myself no longer apologizing to others for making choices in daily life that support MY physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being! Thank you deeply. Highly recommend."

~ Emma

"The treatments with Esther are amazing. It really helped me with grounding more and connecting with my body on a deeper level. I reconnected with my inner fire and safety within myself. She knows so much about the physical (woman) body and combines this with her amazing healing skills. A recommendation for all women, give this present to yourself!!"

~ Jen

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