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Unveiling the Magic

a deep dive into our pelvic bowl, by learning Yoni Self Massage



I am creating a Guided Online Training called: "Unveiling the Magic". This Training will allow you to deep dive into your Pelvic Bowl and discover on all levels what Secrets and Magic she holds for you, with the focus on learning how you will be able to give yourself  a Yoni Self Massage. This is truly a gift to yourself and we have not been taught how nourishing, important and healing this truly is for ourselves, our vitality, our self esteem, our connection to our body and pelvic bowl and vulva.

Topics we will be talking about are: 

  • Anatomy: our internal organs in our pelvic bowl, and to be able to know how to massage those yourself and to also become aware of how it all feels and should feel, and thus also you being able to spot when something is off.

  • Jaw/Feet/Diaphragm Pelvic Bowl Connection: and how you can support yourself into connecting those parts of your body to create more balance. in your body/pelvic bowl and heart

  • The Heart ~ Womb Link: according to the old Chinese Medicine System, the heart and womb are connected via 2 meridians and on an energetic level the link is palpable too!

  • Magical  Wisdom: Each organ has their own wisdom, and for the female born pelvis, our Womb and Ovaries are the true Magical ones that hold an enormous amount of practical Mystery that we can use in our daily life. 

  • Yoni Self Massages: The Key of our workshop, after which you will be able to take this practice home and keep connecting with your Pelvic Bowl, Yoni, Vulva, Vagina, Womb and Ovaries. We will turn the cameras off while I guide you through the massage. And I will email you a complete write up of the Self Massage after the course as well. 

  • And of course there will be time for sharing and asking questions as well!


More info to come soon, when the training is ready!!

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