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Breast care and Massage Tips:

For some a place of joy, for others a place of shame or hurt or worry. Let's explore why Loving our Breasts is so important, not just for health and prevention, but for our overall Well Being, Sensuality, and igniting the "portals of love". 


When growing up as women we've been told to make sure we check our Breasts regurlarly and to make sure everything is ok. However, society has also heavily sexualized our breasts. Making them an object of desire and want, and using them as selling points, and often with total disregard to how we feel and what it does to us when we see their eyes moving past our face down to our chest. We've been shamed about our breasts, we've been told to hide them or show them, we've been told to 'push them up' so we walk straight, and the list goes on ... but have we been taught to Love them? Have we been told that our Breasts are Portals into learning deep Self Love and Self Acceptance, and are powerfully charged with Love energy that is for women the starting point of getting aroused? 


The beauty of breasts is the same as the beauty of vulvas: they are all vastly different! Some are perky, some are saggy, some have one bigger than the other, some are turned towards the sky and others are turned sidewards.

All boobies are so so different, yet all are Powerful and Beautiful. And there can be deep pain and sadness when one or both need to be removed or replaced.  FBecause our Breasts are an intrinsique part of who we are, how we feel about ourselves, how we connect with our sexuality and sensuality, how, if we learn this, can also transform the energy in our breasts to nurturing and loving ourselves.


Why would we want to nurture, massage and connect with our

Breasts on a daily/weekly  basis:


The information that I am sharing is comes from the Tao/Dao Tantra, old Chinese Wisdom on how to use your own body as Portals of Energy and Transformation. The Wisdom is profound and when we use it often, will change how you feel about yourself, but also increase your health and vitality.


According to TCM, there are 5 Meridians, energy channels, that run through the Breasts! The Kidney, Stomach, Spleen, Liver and Pericardium meridian. So when energy gets stuck there and not released, it can affect our breasts also, and vice versa. And the Liver is responsible for all the Qi (energy) circulation, and plays a vital role in regulating our menstrual cycle and overall female reproductive systems. And the Liver gets weakened by pent up emotions, anger, and frustration, and is nourished by relaxation. And the Kidneys are where all this Qi originates, and the kidneys also represents our emotions. (Source: TCM). So when we start working with the Breasts it is likely we shall encounter some emotions, often grief, anger, and fear may come to the surface. 


Benefits of Breast Massages:

(note - these massages are NOT to be done in the same way as the massages we've been taught to do for "checking our breasts for lumps" or anything like that. The focus here is Self Love. Giving to ourselves. Healing and Loving ourselves is the focus, and also enjoying the Pleasure it can give you too! 


  1. Increase Self Love: When you massage your breasts, you also activate the hormone oxytocin, the 'love hormone'. And we are allowed to use this energy for ourselves. As a matter of fact, we all can use more Self Love, and that our breasts are not just for our lovers to enjoy, or perhaps our children. They are yours and yours alone, and you decide whom you share your Bells of Love with. These massages are for you and to learn deep self love and appreciation for yourself

  2. Replenish the Heart: By massaging your Bells of Love, you also move the fascia, and you open up the chest. So by massaging your chest, you soften the area, and so you help open and balance your heart. 

  3. Cleanses and Stimulates: As mentioned above, several important meridians run through our Breasts, so massaging them is a great way to clear stagnant energy and stimulate and nourish our organs and at the same time our Breasts. It also is good for our breast tissue and our lymphatic drainage.

  4. Connecting with Your Womb: There is a Channel or Vessel of Energy that runs from our Womb/Cervix up to our pelvis into our Heart. This Channel, according to the old wisdom of Chinese Medicine, is called the Bao Mai. And when we connect with our Breasts, we also connect our Heart with our Womb, and our Womb is our "home", our place of "fire and manifestation". And when you can deeply tune in with this channel it is truly a magnificent feeling of love and joy. 

  5. Igniting your Sexuality and Sensuality: Because our breasts are connected to our womb, it is also connected to our pelvis and vagina, and our whole Yoni. So when we start connecting with our breasts, we also start connecting with our pleasure, desire, sensuality, sexuality, and our feeling of 'juicines'. It's a wonderful way to "ignite your own passion' again! 

  6. Releasing Old Dogmas (stuck energy) and so deciding whom YOU want to give your Energy to: When we start doing IPT session as, many Women are reclaiming their Voice and they are finding their Truth. This is not so strange if you realise that your larynx looks quite a lot like your vagina. Also with breasts, when you start claiming them as yours, and when you start loving them and fully accepting them, you start to fully accept YOU. And when that happens, you don't just let anyone touch them, or touch you. You become very picky in whom you invite into your bedroom, because this Energy, this Qi, that resides in you, that you manifested, nourished and re-ignited, is not up for grabs. You decide whom you shall give it to, and whom you choose to share it with... 


Remember - start SLOW with this process. Build the time up, and allow yourself to integrate all that starts to happen and shift. Because as said before: when we start with Breast massage, it can bring up a lot of emotional stuff.

So easy does it.

How to give yourself a Breast Massage

breast massage one side.JPG

This is a simple way to start loving/massaging your breast. Note the right picture, the "up on the outside" movement, is NOT to be done if you cysts or lumps, as it increases the energy. You can do 18 or 36 rounds each direction. Of course, once you start to get more and more familiar with your breast, you can really tune in with them, and discover other ways to love and nurture them. 

Because our Breasts are connceced to our Pelvis/Yoni/Womb, I recommend you get yourself ready in a way that shows love and kindness for yourself. So here are some tips on how to prepare yourself for your Bells of Love massage! 

Tips on how to give yourself a Loving Breast Massage,:

  1. Sit at an Altar or a sacred space: I highly recommend you create an altar for yourself, where you can sit on a frequent basis to reconnect with your self, your soul and your body. This place gets charged the more you use it and it can be your own holy space, that you love, and is just for you. So when you have this place, and it doesn't need to be a whole room, it can be a corner in our bedroom, or some other place, shower that place with love and reference, be sure to place an picture of yourself on your altar and anythin else that resonates with your and your higher self.

  2. Put on some sweet music that indulges your senses: This helps to get 'in the mood' and to open yourself up to the sensual, soft and gentle parts of you. And then you can also give that same energy to your breasts. 

  3. Ground yourself: As This you can do in several ways, but starting with Long deep breathing, and having one hand on your heart and one hand on your underbelly and breathing up and down between those two, is a really good beginning. Then you can add visualizing your butt and your yoni having wonderful roots, slowly dropping into the Earth and connecting yourself to Gaia/Mother Earth. Keep breathing, for as long as you like, allowing the music and your breath to flow through you. And don't worry about thoughts, just every time come back to your breath, the warmth of your hands and the sound of the music. (I love the Album: "Breathing Space" by Sacred Earth). 

  4. Do some 'squeezes' of your pelvic bowl muscles and Warm your Hands: DAs you squeeze the muscles in an upward pull, not to hard, feel this energy move into your hands as your rub them warm.

  5. Deepen your awareness: Now gently place your warm hands over your breasts, use a lovely scented oil if you like to ignire your senses even more, and bring your awareness 'inside your breasts' while your hands lovingly and gently cup them. And start taking several long deep breaths. If you feel an emotion coming up, you can make the "whoooooo" sound on the exale and let it go into the this as many times as feels good for you.

  6. When you feel ready, start massaging as in the above pictures: And keep breathing long and deep. Slowly moving your hands, and really trying to connect with the touch, the movement and how it feels for you. It is possible that you may feel nothing. Know that this is still 'something'... As you continue the practice, you will notice that you get more sensitive. So as with everything, don't judge yourself, LOVE yourself.

  7. Ending: When you feel done, I always like to end by cupping my hands around my breasts, and then dispersing all this energy that was generated into my whole body, and especially my pelvic bowl. Visualize the energy vitalizing you, you can imagine a color, or perhaps you see a color or images, and just allow it to enveloppe your whole Being. Then when you're done, end by saying a Thank you to your Breast, and give them a beautiful compliment. And also be sure to bless your breasts, your whole body, mind and Heart... I alwasy like to lay down for a few minutes after. You can also do this whole routine laying down. 


If you want more ways to do breast massage, I recommend you get the book "Tao Tantra for Women" by Minke van der Vos. My go to book for Tao Tantra Wisdom for Women. Some of the above steps and info come from this book, plus I added a few on there myself as well based on my own practice.

ENJOY! And please do tell me how you're doing with these massages, and if there is anything I can do to support you. 

Much love and booby love! xo

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