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Pelvic Bowl Journeys

I'm here to offer Private Womb and Ovary Journeys, whether you're curious to explore this for the first time, want ongoing guidance, or prefer a group experience. These journeys are truly transformative and can be your gentle companion as you navigate your Pelvic Bowl Landscape.

By connecting with your Pelvic Bowl Landscape, you're giving yourself the chance to let go of old patterns, thoughts, and energies that no longer serve you. It's like a refreshing reset for your emotional and energetic well-being. During these journeys, you can invite exactly what you need to support your health and happiness. It's a bit like tuning into the wisdom of your Pelvic Bowl to create the life you desire. And guess what? When we dive into this realm, positive shifts often occur. You'll start feeling more alive, open, and equipped to set healthy boundaries.

Don't worry if you don't have a physical Womb or Ovaries, as the energetic imprint of these organs, and any organs, always remain there. 

Our sessions, lasting around 60-90 minutes, take place over Zoom or in person. We'll chat about why connecting with your Pelvic Bowl matters and how it can bring you support. We'll ease into it with a gentle yoga flow that focuses on your heart and pelvis. It's all about getting comfortable in your body, and trust me, it's a cozy journey.


After a relaxing moment, we'll dive into a Guided Pelvic Bowl/Womb Journey that lasts about 30-40 minutes. Then, you'll have time to let everything sink in, and we'll wrap up with a chance to share and ask questions.

Feel free to add a topic you'd like to focus on as well. Such as "Releasing Fear Installing Love", or "Letting go of the Old, Inviting the New", or "Planting a New Seed", etc etc

This experience is a great way to get to know your Pelvic Bowl better, feel its vibrant energy, and consider diving deeper with IPT for an even more enriching experience and deeply connecting with your whole Being.

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