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(Peri) - Menopause
Coaching Options

I offer an exclusive "Menopause Coaching Package", that runs for 8 weeks, and includes 4 in person (or Zoom) in-depth coaching sessions, where we get together every other week. The first session is 1,5 - 2 hours long, the follow ups are 60-75 min long. These 8 weeks also includes extra support throughout this time (read more below). We need this min amount of time together spread out over those weeks, in order to do a deep dive into your symptoms and lifestyle and so really understand what is going on for you, and thus provide you with the best plan possible.


We will work with the 8 Pillars

of Menopausal Health (+ free download below): 

1. Nutrition and Gut Health

2. Sleep Optimization and Cortisol Reduction

3. Limiting your levels of Stress

4. Mental and Emotional Well Being

5. The Right Exercises for you

6. Pelvic & Sexual Health

7. The Right Supplements for you & 

8. Hormone Balance

We will address your most pressing points, and 9 out of 10 will fall in any or all of the above Pillars. And after our initial time of 8 weeks together, and we need to keep working together, I offer the discounted option for you to keep going and add single 1:1 sessions at a reduced fee!

Peri & Menopause Wellness Offerings:

Join our Facebook Group:
Join our Private Facebook Group for Menopause Women HERE:  
I created this to support to each other, have a place where we can share about our unique individual Journey, a place to ask each other questions and so learn from each other. This is not a place to give unasked advice though, but if asked you can share your own experience! 
I shall announce Menopause Gatherings here as well! 


  • Download the Free Info Guide of "The 8 Pillars of Menopause" here

  • Download the Free "Sleep Tips" for Menopause  here

  • Download the Free "Massage Your Breast Guide" here

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