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Peri & Menopause Coaching

One of the beautiful aspects of choosing a Certified (Peri)-Menopause Coach for yourself, is that it lays the emphasis on self-care and self-compassion. By fostering a deep sense of self-compassion, you can learn to appreciate your body's natural transitions and cultivate a holistic approach to health and happiness. Instead of dreading what awaits you, you can feel empowered and full of energy and vibrancy.


Through personalized guidance and tailored strategies fitted right just for you, I can help you reconnect with your body and mind, and support you in feeling good again.


As I am going through Menopause now, being 52 years old, I had to figure most of it out by myself. So I read a lot, did a ton of research and simply wouldn't accept that this transformation should be a time of suffering for us. And it doesn't!

There are very successful methods of going through peri & menopause that are thorough and effective. I have, for example, barely had a hot flash during these last 4 years, while my mother suffered greatly, which is often an indication how the daughter could go through menopause. I refused to go through what she went through, because I knew it can be a different experience. And I succeeded. And I can show you how to do this too!


As a Woman, and as a Human Being, happiness is our birth right, we deserve to also feel good in our bodies and mind! But happiness, contentment, being at ease, also goes hand in hand with how we feel, think, and are able to move through our day to day experiences. And this also includes how well we can take care of our beautiful body  as well. As you probably know, our Mind, Body, Spirit and feeling of Well-Being are totally linked. 

So let's make sure we can support all aspects of you! 


Are you're Ready To feel VIBRANT AND THRIVE!


If yes, then let's connect my Dear! 

PS: according to the latest science, it's recommended to start this journey consciously around the age of 40 - especially to prevent cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis

Tailored Personal Advice

Because we are all different, I believe it is crucial we uncover solutions that resonate with you, work for you, but are manageable as well. Our collaboration starts with identifying the symptoms that most impact you and then you share with me your desired changes. We shall then delve into solutions that not only alleviate your symptoms but also ignite your enthusiasm and motivation for change. These strategies are designed to empower you, encouraging meaningful actions that lead to lasting transformation and inspiration. I am also well versed and informed about BHRT (Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy), and can support you here as well, and know excellent recourses for this option.

We will cover not just focus on the physical changes, but also the emotional, mental, and even spiritual ones. Many women, when entering this phase of their lives encounter a massive "who am I and what do I want to do with my life?". This is normal, this is part of it, and yes it is healthy! But sometimes it's overwhelming to have it all come at once. When this happens, I am here to guide you with simple, effective steps and suggestions. 

We work therefore Holistically, addressing all aspects of how you are doing and feeling. We also look at ways to educate and empower you. Because wisdom is power. And feeling empowered gives energy and a vibrancy that moves us in the world.  

Why choose me?

Great question! I'm 52 years old and have spent the last decade navigating the changes women experience going from peri-menopause, menopause, to post-menopause. And I get this stuff! It's extremely interesting to me, and there are truly ways to reduce / eliminate a lot  (if not all) of your symptoms. Also, I bring a unique perspective, not just as a woman, but also as a healer, yogini, coach, and being a pelvic and sexual expert. With almost 30 years of experience working with women, I intimately understand the full spectrum of changes we go through, even the ones past 52, and I will always be a continued learner... I will honestly tell you if I don't know something, and then I will  be referring you to people I know are great to support you further. 

Also - I want to know WHY we experience something and then I want to know WHAT I can do, how I can experience it to the fullest, and in the most uplifting way. So I have read books, done research, follow other women who are knowledgeable in the field, and then I want to share the information I have gathered, because I LOVE supporting other Women in their growth and full experience of what it means to be alive and happy.

I'm a very intuitive, perceptive, compassionate and emphatic Woman. I care deeply about myself and my Well-Being, and I also care deeply about others' Well-Being. 


So, come sit together at the table, with a cup of tea, and bring all of you!


Let's support YOU and Celebrate you to become the Vibrant Thriving Woman you are my Dear. 

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